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Making Your Own Way: A Foraging Experience

Location: Pacific Palisades
Date/Time: Sunday 7/14 | 10:00 am

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With the first hike in our Summer Celebrations Hiking Series conquered, we invite NuRoots Young Couples to join us for the second part of the series, Making Your Own Way: A Foraging Experience, a celebration of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. What’s that you ask? Well Rosh Chodesh is the holiday that celebrates the start of each Jewish month, while Tammuz – which starts July 3rd – is the month traditionally associated with the summer solstice and the drought caused by hot summer days. So let’s celebrate the new moon with a hike through the Palisades teaching us how to live off the land. NuRoots Couples community members, Courtney and Adam Hein, will show us what is safe to eat and how we can use natural resources to better our health while protecting the land. While foraging, we will be discussing the ways in which Judaism prepares us for the scarcity of rain and resources in our California climate and how we can help ourselves and others through these time.
Sunday, July 14
Pacific Palisades


For more information please email our Young Couples Fellow, Laura at LSchiff@Jewishla.org.


Sunday 7/14/19
10:00 am


Pacific Palisades

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