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Way more than just a free trip.

Birthright Israel Trip

It’s finally back. Adventure. Culture. Food. History. Deep meaning. Exclusively for young adults living in Los Angeles, Birthright Israel L.A. Way is your chance to discover the magic of Israel with a whole new crew of L.A. friends.

Birthright Israel’s itinerary is already iconic, and Birthright Israel L.A. Way will enrich your experience far beyond an average trip. You’ll travel with other great Angelenos, visit innovative Israeli nonprofits, and spend all ten days with Israeli peers for an insider’s view of society and the global Jewish community—from multiple perspectives. And once the trip is over, we’ll make it easy for you to stay in touch with your new friends by offering exclusive post-trip programs and events.

Get started by picking a trip from Israel Outdoors or Hillel that feels right to you. (We’re proud to be open-minded, accepting, and pluralistic, so whichever program you choose, you’ll belong!) Then get ready to explore your own Jewish roots and experience the trip of a lifetime.

Our trips

With Israel Outdoors (ages 22–26)
December 26–January 6
January 2–13

With Hillel (ages 18–22)
UCLA: December 19–30
USC: December 19–31
Hillel 818: January 4–16

Please note that dates are subject to change, and reach out with any questions! And if you’re between 27 and 32 and are interested in going on a trip, let us know—we can help you find one.

About Birthright Israel

Your trip is a gift from Birthright Israel, an innovative partnership between the people of Israel (through the Israeli government), private philanthropists, and thousands of donors and Jewish communities around the world—Jewish Federations of North America, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Keren Hayesod.

…and Birthright Israel L.A. Way

Birthright Israel L.A. Way is a free 10-day trip to Israel offered to Jewish young adults who live in Los Angeles. The trips are made possible through a partnership between The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Birthright Israel, a global organization working to give every Jewish young adult the chance to discover Israel.

Birthright Israel L.A. Way trips have all the things traditional Birthright Israel trips offer—a chance to explore your roots, to see historical sites like the old city of Jerusalem, to experience natural wonders like the Dead Sea, and to get to know Israeli culture, cuisine, and people—plus so much more. Scroll down to see!

F.A.Q. and Covid

We’re taking every precaution to travel as safely as possible. Find answers to many questions here, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any more.
General Questions
Questions related to Covid

Exclusive to our trips

See a sample itinerary
Travel with people who live in your community
Keep the new friends you’ve made once you come home, and experience what it means to be more connected to your Jewish community in Los Angeles
Outstanding staff lead the way
Your madrichim (bus staff) are a vital parst of your Birthright Israel L.A. Way experience! We carefully select exceptional L.A.-based staff members who are on the job before, during, and after your trip
Deeper connection with Israelis your own age
Most Birthright Israel trips spend five days traveling with Israeli students and soldiers. When you go on Birthright Israel L.A. Way, you’ll travel with Israelis for all ten days, so you can really get to know each other
Unique Shabbat experiences
Spend your Friday night in Israel in the comfort of the home of an Israeli family who will share their Shabbat experience and explain everything!
Deeper looks at Israeli society and visits with partner organizations
PAST VISITS Café Europa, which started with an outpost in Los Angeles, is a club for aging Holocaust survivors to gather for support, friendship, and social and educational activities | One Day Social Volunteering offers Israeli young adults flexible and adaptable volunteering opportunities while increasing their social and professional networks | Led by its female elders, the village of Segev Shalom aims to create sustainability in sharing Bedouin culture
A balanced perspective
Feel comfortable exploring your interests and asking questions in an accepting, pluralistic environment, with the best Israeli tour guides around

How our values show up on our trips

Modern interpretation
History in Israel is alive—and so are our connections to our own identities
Experimentation and exploration
We love reimagining Jewish wisdom and ancient traditions
Hyper-local roots
While you’re there, you’ll spend every day with Israeli locals to see and feel life there firsthand. And you’ll travel with a full group of Angelenos to help you find and build your own local community even after you get home
Warm invitation
We believe meaningful community develops through personal relationships, intimate moments, and purposeful inclusivity
Communal table
L.A. and Israel belong to many kinds of people, and our experience is richer when we listen and invite and invite everyone to the table

The Jewish Federation of Greater L.A. has long been committed to strengthening the communal and social fabric of this diverse and entrepreneurial nation. On our trips, we’ll be learning about Israeli culture, history, and society through the lenses of both achievements and failures. Israel is not without its own complexities and challenges. Our hope is to provide multiple perspectives on the historical, social, and political realities on the ground while inspiring new learnings and takeaways from evolving current events.

Our trip organizers

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles partners with top Birthright Israel trip organizers to offer exclusive programs for people who live in L.A.

It’s thanks to these partners—Tlalim / Israel Outdoors and Hillel International—that we’re able to provide such meaningful and unique Birthright Israel experiences. Explore each website to discover what’s right for you.

Before and after

Once you’re signed up, we’ll organize pre-trip gatherings and meetups so everyone has a chance to connect and get to know each other.

And once you’re back, the real fun awaits—invitations to Shabbat dinners, opportunities to create your own events, reunions to catch up with your group, our NuRoots community, and much more.

Want to staff?

Staffing spots are limited, but we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested. Reach out here!

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