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Staff an LA Way Trip


LA Way madrichim play a major role in the life-changing experience that is Birthright Israel LA Way. Beginning before the trip, and continuing well after, madrichim support their Birthrighters as they discover Israel and deepen their connection to the global Jewish community. As an ambassador of the Federation, madrichim also educate participants about ways they can stay connected to the Jewish community once they’re back in LA. The trip is only ten days, but the experience lasts a lifetime!

Birthright Israel LA Way madrichim serve as leaders, educators, and friends to a diverse group of young Jewish people who are experiencing Israel in a unique way. The role is complex and requires skills that range from interpersonal to organizational. Read below to learn about what the job entails, what we look for in our staff, and about the application process.


  • Attend a mandatory staff training session and at least one meeting with the Federation LA Way team.
  • Manage pre-trip emails and phone calls with participants, tour educator, and Trip Organizer.
  • Attend and assist at the participant orientation event.


  • Ensure proper communication between the Israel experience and the Federation LA Way team.
  • Capture photos with the LAX2TLV banner and contribute to Birthright Israel LA Way social media and blogs.


  • Attend an in-person debriefing meeting with the Federation staff.
  • Craft welcome home emails and social media posts, encouraging your Birthrighters to explore the Kahn Fellowship.
  • Help your Birthrighters plan their first reunion Shabbat dinner.
  • Make follow-up phone calls with all participants within the first two months after the trip.
  • Maintain a relationship with Birthrighters, informing and encouraging them to get involved in community programs.
  • Strongly consider serving as a BRIdge Fellow following the trip (see below)


Requirements to Staff

Interested in applying? Here are some criteria that we look for in our LA Way madrichim: 

  • Must be at least 24 years olds and a year-round resident of Los Angeles (with no immediate plans to move!)
  • Prior experience in Israel travel, as a participant and/or staff member (beyond your own Birthright Israel trip).
  • A strong, well-grounded, emotional attachment to Israel, the Jewish people, and Jewish life.
  • Prior experience in informal or experiential Jewish education.
  • General familiarity with Israeli history, geography, and culture, as well as Jewish history, concepts, and practices.
  • Strong references and interview with LA Way program staff.
  • Flexibility, as trip dates and staff may change up to one month prior to a trip.
  • Ability to follow the guidelines and responsibilities laid out by your assigned Trip Organizer (LA Way works with three different TOs).


BRIdge Fellowship

This unique fellowship is designed for outstanding Birthright Israel LA Way madrichim who exemplify Jewish values and leadership. Throughout their yearlong term, BRIdge Fellows serve as connection points between their Birthright Israel participants and the LA Jewish community.

BRIdge Fellows have the responsibility of mentoring a Kahn Fellow – passionate Birthrighters who connect their community by creating their own unique Jewish experiences once they return to LA. To further enhance both of their Jewish community building skills, BRIdge Fellows attend two retreats alongside their Kahn Fellows. Resources are made available to each BRIdge Fellow for them to meet with their mentees, as well up to $1,000 in subsidies to participate in select Jewish immersive experiences. This includes local, national, or even international Jewish community events, conferences, and workshops. Learn more about the Kahn & BRIdge Fellowship.

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