As you navigate campus social clubs, student organizations, and sporting events, we want you to know: When it comes to your connection to the Jewish community, you’ve got options!

Celebrate age-old traditions or create new ones. Participate in a program, or organize your own! We’re here to offer options and inspiration as you define for yourself what it means to be Jewish.

We like options, don’t you? That’s why we work to ensure campuses across LA have plenty of them when it comes to Jewish community programming. Because there is more than one way to discover yourself, more than one way to connect, and there is definitely more than one way to be Jewish.

The Jewish Campus Life Initiative works directly with campus organizations and students to create and support all kinds of Jewish programming on university and college campuses. Learn how to lead, build relationships, and make a difference. Bring your great social justice idea to life with the Campus Impact Network. Go to Israel on Birthright Israel LA Way, or make a return trip with Onward Israel or Masa.

Whether you want to travel, network, or create something new, you can define for yourself what it means to be Jewish – both on campus and off.

So, what inspires you? How do you want to connect?

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