Honeymoon Israel

Application Process

Application Process

Step 1. Online Application
Check if your city is accepting applications. If applications are open, you can complete one per couple online! You will be notified via email of your status. If you are eligible but there’s no room on an upcoming trip, we’ll add you to our waitlist.

Step 2. Couples Interview
We’ll ask you about your connection to Judaism, your relationship, and why you’d like Honeymoon Israel to be a part of your journey.

Step 3. Notification
Following the interview, at least four months before the trip departs, you will be notified if you’ve been accepted and offered a spot.

Trips are organized by city, and applications are open about seven to eight months before. If you’re not living in Los Angeles and your city is not currently running a trip, don’t worry! Sign up for the Honeymoon Israel email list to hear when Honeymoon Israel arrives in your city.

Step 4. Connect in Person
Can’t wait to meet other young couples in LA? Let NuRoots help you! Have coffee with a NuRoots Fellow who focuses only on connecting with and programming for young couples.


Learn more about Honeymoon Israel (beyond Los Angeles) at www.honeymoonisrael.org.

Questions about the application or program? Contact:
Jennifer Green


Ideal Honeymoon Israel applicants are searching for ways in which to incorporate Judaism into their relationship, family, and home. An inclusive program aiming to reflect the diversity of each local community, there will be some Jewish couples, some interfaith couples, some with kids, and some without; we aim to create a fulfilling, welcoming experience for all. Everyone will be within the general age range of 25 to 40, and thinking about similar questions of family, identity, and life.

Eligibility for Honeymoon Israel

  • Committed or married life partners between the ages of 25 and 40 (at least one partner in this age range at the time of the trip).
  • Married couples must be around their fifth year of marriage or less.
  • At least one partner must be Jewish (either born and raised or Jew by choice).
  • At least one partner must have no prior organized Israel trip experience as a teen or adult.
  • We welcome participants of diverse backgrounds, including interfaith couples and LGBTQ couples.
  • There are no rules about how Jewishly involved or religious you need to be to participate.
  • Must be a fulltime resident of the city from which the trip is based.

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