JDC Entwine


“In college, I had a large group of Russian-speaking friends and became very interested in the culture. When I came across this opportunity, it seemed like just what I was looking for! I loved the fact that this trip was in partnership with JDC Entwine, an organization I had heard about over the years after several of my friends came back raving about their trips. What was particularly appealing to me was that all of the participants were LA-based. It excited me to think about the new network of Jewish friends I would be able to connect with upon my return from what I hoped would be a powerful journey. My most impactful memory from the trip was visiting a Jewish old-age home, where we sang songs to the elderly. This was a perfect representation of what I gained from the trip — a powerful experience connecting with Jews across the world, and the fun and excitement of it all!”

— Stephanie Weiss


“I was interested in learning more about Russian Jewish heritage and culture and current practices of Jews here today. The home visit with the Nazi victims was the most eye opening experience so far. When we asked her what wisdom she’d like to impart on us, she said ‘value life. It takes two seconds to kill a man but many years to build a man.”

— Michael Sarshad


“I’m from Serbia, and there are only 1500 Jews there, and we didn’t live in a major city, so there wasn’t much for Jews and I didn’t know much about it. I came on this trip to learn more about the Jews in Russia today and meet more young Jews in LA. I feel connected to other Jews around the world.”

— Sonja Milenovic

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