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For over 25 years, The Rautenberg New Leaders Project (NLP) has provided unique opportunities and training to elevate the next class of outstanding Jewish civic leaders in Los Angeles. With a commitment to the Jewish tradition of social responsibility, NLP empowers participants to hone their leadership skills and gain a deep understanding of the diverse fabric of Los Angeles, while working with elected, civic, and community leaders to address some of the most critical challenges facing our city.

Throughout the year, NLP participants build relationships with like-minded peers who share their passion for civic engagement and social change. Participants gain confidence to let their voices be heard and the skills and connections needed to make a difference.

Participants in this premier program:

  • Meet and learn from top elected, civic, and community leaders from across the region who are helping transform Los Angeles
  • Gain a deep understanding of economic, social, and political challenges facing our city
  • Develop instrumental leadership skills and a vibrant network that will help make a difference in the community

This year, as the program commences virtually to adapt to our COVID reality, participants will also:

  • Get to know each other and alumni intimately through Zoom conversations until it is once again safe to meet in person
  • Converse with experts who will dissect the impact of COVID on the future of Los Angeles
  • Participate in important training and skill building with leadership and racial equity and civic experts
  • Be involved in creative programming to learn about the most pressing issues facing our region

NLP inspires a new generation of civic leaders who approach their work grounded in Jewish values and who are educated on the challenges affecting Jewish and neighboring communities. NLP alumni have successfully run for office, have been appointed to government commissions, and are influential in Los Angeles civic life.

The Four Main Pillars of NLP

  1. Jewish Education
    Explore your Jewish identity and learn how the Jewish community responds to various social responsibilities.
  2. Civic Education
    Tour LA organizations and meet with elected officials and leaders of different faiths and ethnicities. Witness the political process from the inside-out and broaden your awareness of the needs and histories of different LA neighborhoods and communities.
  3. Leadership Skill Building
    Practice leadership techniques and elevate your team-building skills by participating in interactive workshops and retreats.
  4. Hands-on Community Service
    Participate in projects designed and implemented by peers, in conjunction with non-profit organizations in the civic and Jewish communities.

“Our community has a long-standing legacy of leadership with a commitment to integrity, social justice, ethical government, and thoughtful policy decisions. NLP allowed me to build a community of other emerging civic leaders committed to our shared values.” — State Senator Ben Allen


Applications are now closed for the 2021 NLP year.


The NLP Alumni Program is a powerful network of future and current leaders, encouraging communication, friendship, learning, and collaboration amongst its members. NLP Alumni are invited to exclusive events and other Federation leadership opportunities.

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NLP graduates are also welcomed into The Network, comprised of graduates from all Federation leadership programs; it’s where big ideas get turned into action. The Network produces events throughout the year in a variety of venues and settings around Los Angeles. Every event is dedicated to leadership, Jewish expression, and philanthropy. As their leadership journey continues, The Network offers alumni priceless opportunities to explore their philanthropic interests, continue learning, and further their leadership career.

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