Recently Moved to LA

About Recently Moved to LA

About Recently Moved to LA

Welcome to Los Angeles! With over a half million Jewish people and counting, it might feel overwhelming trying to navigate a city as big as this one… both from a traffic perspective and a social one. Allow us to make it easy on you! We’d love to connect at a newcomers’ brunch, where you can learn more about upcoming events and meet new people. And if the traffic is too much? No worries — we’re happy to come meet you for coffee!

Los Angeles is one of the most artistic, diverse, and beautiful cities in the world, and we’re proud to call it home. We’d love to welcome you to town and tell you about all the must-see’s, must-do’s, and the avoid-at-costs (#HollywoodBowlConcertTraffic).

Newcomers’ brunches or Shabbat dinners provide casual and welcoming environments to organically meet new people and learn more about upcoming events and experiences. 

Or, just dive right in! Go to an event in your neighborhood with NuRoots Fellows, or check out larger NuRoots community experiences across the city. Looking for a special interest social groups and or professional network? There are activities for young professionals in entertainment, post-undergrads, people who love hiking, yoga lovers, real estate professionals, runners… the list goes on and on.

We’re happy to help you find something that interests you. Reach out! We’d love to meet up.


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